Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The new Nickleback CD comes out today!! If I did not have to work I'd be at the store right now! I have to have it. I listen to a wide variety of music, classic rock, reggae, country, jazz. You name it! I listen to it. I feel it has a way of cleansing the soul.

So today I leave you with one of my favorite lyrics from Kid Rock! This was my morning commute music. You have got to hear the whole song it Rocks!!!!!

"Run Off to LA"

Its a classic line baby I just wanna be friends
But baby my friends don't have the keys to my Mercedes Benz,
no I think I know what you mean
You wanna talk and such
Tell me all your problems
But we don't fuck
Aint that right
I had plenty of friends before I met you
I don't need no more
So now I thinks its time you started headin out for that door,
and even tho I feel real bad tonight
Please pack your shit
And take the first train out of my life

I have decided I need a hobby. So I'm taking up photography! I just purchased this camera after much research. Maybe I can turn it into a business. I really need some more deductions. I had to pay taxes out the ass for last year!

Have a super day!!!


Charlie Mc said...

he's right to the point!

Jillian said...

C-Mac: Thats why I love his music!

wopanese said...

no mincing words there. I think I might have to borrow some of those lines...

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

That is SO WEIRD JILL, I have been feeling the same way. My son has a fairly new Canon, that he got a couple yrs ago....maybe used it twice...SO with this trip I ask him if I could borrow it. He informed me the battery was dead...no problem. I have also had my Sony digitnal* with disc...etc..battery bad on it.

So I thought I would take up a new hobby...took 2 rolls of film in Philly...can't wait to get them developed on cd/dvd and then upload for what prints I want...since I need a new color cartridge...have the paper...but whatever! (smiling)

So happy you came up with this too....we all need an outlet ....do we not? Good luck with your new one....looking forward to seeing some pics hopefully soon. Take care....

Jillian said...

Wopanese: Borrow what ever you would like!!

Suzie: Great minds think alike!! I already have a HP digital camera. I love it, but decided to upgrade to a SLR, and after much research I found Canon has the best! It was going to be a gift for someone. But now its a gift to me.

Seamus said...

Heyyyy! Funny, but I'm about a half a notion from the 20D myself! I've loved my Canon 10D - won't leave home without it! :D

BTW - I've linked you! :)

Jillian said...

Seamus: Im really excited about mine!! Linked ya back!!

Mel said...

I love Nickelback AND Kid Rock!!! I'm going to get the Nickelback cd tomorrow.

Bud said...

Cool lyric. In fact it's cold! I love it. I like the camara too. Good luck with that!

TheSugarV said...

I used to do a lot of photography whne I was in schoool. It is a great hobby.

Wez said...

Cool.. make sure and post the pics you take... how bout start with some nice self portraits = )