Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday Monday!!!!

My morning started off on an unusual note, I woke up around my usual time 6am, headed for the coffee pot and grabbed my smokes, settled myself into my chair, when I heard an awful commotion coming from my back door. So off I go to investigate. Its rather dark out so I at first can not see where this noise is coming from, so I turn on the light...And lo and behold...Its my Grand Puppy, Rex(who is not so much a puppy anymore but a full grown huge lab)!! Well actually just his head stuck in the cat door, I instantly opened the door trying to free him from the cat door. (I should have grabbed my camera instead) It was just too funny!!! I managed to free him and boy was he happy!!! I do not know how long he had been there. Rex has been staying at my mothers house about 4 blocks away from my home, while my oldest son's house is completed. How he got away from her house is still a mystery. The rest of my day has been rather normal.

Hope ya all had a great Monday!!!!!


Karen said...

LOLOLOLOLOL I'd love to see that pic! Poor puppy!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Poor Rex....thank goodness you investigated! (smiling) He apparently wanted to be with YOU!!!
Hope your day ended up being good too!