Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sprinkler Time! *updated*

Behind my home is a park. It was once a school yard that I attended as a child. In the summer my youngest son and I would work in the back yard and wait until the sprinklers came on in the park and then we would run in them to cool down. We did not care who watched or what they thought.

He is 13 this year. Do you still think he will run in the sprinklers with me?

Happy Hump day to all!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Dogs Life!

Today I will smile more, stress less and have a happy day!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


The best part of traveling is coming home!

Vegas was Vegas....Hotter than hell, but then its hot at home too, but its diffrent!

So I'm gonna kick back, relax and enjoy my weekend!

Have a great one!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Word for the day

What is defeat?...
Nothing but the first step to something better
Wendall Phillips
If this is true my life should be fucking great!
So maybe I'm in a pissy mood. Its my mood and I'm keeping it!
Ok so here is a new picture of Penny. But I'm still in a pissy mood.
I'm off to Vegas.....I'll have a great time at my fucking meetings but at least I'm close to Margaritaville!!! Thank GOD for Jimmy Buffet!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers day DAD! I miss you and I love you!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I have not posted for awhile.......Life has kept me very busy. My new roof is still not on yet. It has begun to really piss me off! The contractor I picked came highly recommended, so this delay after delay is just not right. July 10th is the new start date and if they delay it again, I will hire someone else.

My grandfather is still in the resthome and his biopsy results came back and they think he has lymphoma. So while what every monster is eating away his memories the cancer will eat away his body. I pray he is not in pain and the end comes peacefully for him.

Well I'm off to clean up more puppy poop and them its work all weekend for me. I have a ton of bookwork to complete. Then I'm off the Vegas next week for business.

Have a super weekend!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

How Sweet!

Here is Penny at her finest! Like I have said before her favorite chew toy is my arm. But I have found the answer!!! Those really hard chew bones for dogs! She has already eaten 2 and I plan to buy a whole case. Apparently English Bulldogs are very aggressive chewers! Now if I could just get her to poop on the puppy training pads I think we will be just fine!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sleepiness nights!

Yes I have had a few lately. I find myself waking up at 3am or so and can't go back to sleep. It really sucks on work nights. Weekends is better for sleepless nights cause you can always have a nap the next day. It got better for awhile but it seems to have come back.

I went shopping yesterday and cried all the way home, not because I spent too much money, but because I knew I would stop and visit my Dad on the way home. I have been avoiding going there and knew I had to buck it up and just do it. So as I sat by his grave, I gave myself away to a good healthy cry. I guess I half expected to ground to be turned up from my father spinning in his grave over the recent events caused by my step-mother. I guess I have not mentioned all the legal crap that's going on. It just my father had a living trust set up and things where going great. We all agreed that Dads wishes should be carried out as stated in his trust. Where it all went haywire, I have no clue.

My Grandfather is still in a resthome and has good days & bad days. My step-Grandmother does not want him to return home because having 24 hour home care is a violation of her privacy. He is her husband, if my husband was old and ill and I could spend every minute we had left together I would not care about my privacy. I would care about my husband, and its his ranch, which he worked so hard to farm. He wants to go home.

I just do not get it. We are not asking for everything, just some of my father family things, photos and such. We went last Sunday to my dads place to put some things in the shop and my step-mom called the police. She has life estate in the home, which we did not enter, but the rest of the property now belongs to my sister she has every right to be there. Its what my father wanted. Yet we are treated like criminals.

I made a promise to myself yesterday as I sat by my fathers side, that I would do everything within my power to save my boys from having to go through this kind of hell.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I mean real shit! How much can one small puppy shit?! Don't get me wrong, I love Penny to death....But For The Love Of GOD!!!!!! Shit on the puppy training pads! Is it too much to ask!

So my mom talks me into buying this book titled Cesar's Way. She saw this guy on some TV show and " he just works wonders with dogs, he is a Dog Whisperer!" So last night I settle down to see how I can relate to Penny on a canine level. All is good...Until Penny decides to bark her cute little head off until I pick her up and place her in my bed, now back to the book...Wait Penny NO! Do not chew on my arm! NO! I get up and get her one of her many chew toys, back to the book it starts out good stating I need to let Penny know who is boss.....Wait Penny NO! Do not eat the book!!!! Needless to say I'm only on page 4 of the introduction. The back pages are not too badly chewed, just the cover a little. I will try it again tonight, but I might just say hell with it and let her eat the book if it keeps her from chewing on my arm!!!