Friday, April 20, 2007


I have been gone way to long! I miss blogging...Has it changed? I have! Oh wait... I'm still a bitch! I'm doing ok. Just got back from a trip to DC & New York with 19 kids and 10 parents. Its was fun and fast paced. I myself would like alittle more time to enjoy things. The kids had fun except for the days the got the flu. That really sucked! Imagine being stuck on a bus with a bunch of kids & some parents throwing up for 5 hours! It was pure hell! Now I need a vacation to unwind from my vacation!

Hope you all have been doing well!

Have a super weekend!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Empty Can

Today I went to where you spent most of your days
It was where I remember you the most
Where I spent many hours with you
Always working on something
You could always fix anything
My eyes scanned your tools
Untouched for over a year
As if you never left
My eyes came to rest on an empty Pepsi can
It was just an empty can full of cigarette butts to most
but to me it was so much more
It brought tears to my eyes as I picked it up
I shook it alittle and then
I could see you working in your shop
Making what was wrong right again
I touched your tools that still lay on your work bench
and I could feel you there with me
Today I wished you where still here.