Thursday, June 01, 2006


I mean real shit! How much can one small puppy shit?! Don't get me wrong, I love Penny to death....But For The Love Of GOD!!!!!! Shit on the puppy training pads! Is it too much to ask!

So my mom talks me into buying this book titled Cesar's Way. She saw this guy on some TV show and " he just works wonders with dogs, he is a Dog Whisperer!" So last night I settle down to see how I can relate to Penny on a canine level. All is good...Until Penny decides to bark her cute little head off until I pick her up and place her in my bed, now back to the book...Wait Penny NO! Do not chew on my arm! NO! I get up and get her one of her many chew toys, back to the book it starts out good stating I need to let Penny know who is boss.....Wait Penny NO! Do not eat the book!!!! Needless to say I'm only on page 4 of the introduction. The back pages are not too badly chewed, just the cover a little. I will try it again tonight, but I might just say hell with it and let her eat the book if it keeps her from chewing on my arm!!!


Dick said...

Nope, that puppy doesn't gave a big old damn where it goes, does it? Lmao!

Bud said...

I think I've written about this recently. I just don't do dog shit. You got to love those creatures way more than I want to becasue I don't ever want to pick up shit again. I owned a horse for a long time. Now that's some shit.