Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Adventures in Space!

No I have not been to the moon! I'm talking about MySpace. I created a profile thinking it would be like blogging here...Boy was I wrong! Its just a free on-line hook-up site. I had married men email me! The only good thing was I reconnected with some family members, so it was not all a waste of time. I just deleted my profile and came back here, where the conversation is much more interesting. I hope you can all forgive me!!

Have a super hump day!!


Dick said...

You left me for those idiots???!!!
I haven't figured out that myspace thing til you just told me.
Now I know. Glad to see ya back around.

Bud said...

So THAT's where you were. Okay I forgive you. I won't use MySpace because of the obvious pedophile connection thing going on there.

Karen said...

I joined at the request of a friend and was sorry I did. It didn't take me long to delete my account and I was hardly ever on there. Sorry you had a bad experience too.

I'm glad you're back here though!

Oswald Croll said...

MySpace is From Hell



BTExpress said...

I never got any offers on MySpace for wild sex, just two great ladies that wanted to date me because I'm nice and have a great smile in my profile pic. (They said that, not me) I'm not sure if I should be disappointed that no one though I was a sex object.

Jillian said...

Dick: I will never do it again!

Bud: Thanks for forgivness!

Karen:I with ya!!

BT: You are super sexy!!

BTExpress said...

Jill, you sound just like Lori now. I know your both either blind or lieing, but I love it anyway. Thanks. :-)