Thursday, May 11, 2006


Please tell me its not true!!! Even though I watched it myself, I still can not believe that Chris is gone from American Idol! Who in their right mind would choose Taylor over Chris. I'm in total shock right now. It is just so freaking unbelievable!

I think I need the day off!!!


Seamus said...

Any excuse for a day off, huh? ;)

I'm sorry I missed that!

BTExpress said...

Chris is by far the best of the bunch. But this contest is a lot like high school elections, the best person may not win.

se7en said...

I have no idea what's going on at Idol, (maybe cause I don't watch it?) hehe

Just stopped by to say hi!!


Bud said...

Just because I can't relate to your last two posts doesn't mean I'm ignoring you! Icare for you a lot but what can I say about guys' asses or TV? I don't watch either.