Friday, October 14, 2005

Flip Off Friday!!

Today I give one big HUGE Flip Off to all those wonderful email chain letters I receive daily!! The one below is worth actually forwarding to all your dear friends!!
I do forward the others because I'm afraid I will have no friends, end up begging for money, never have sex again, be cursed for the rest of my life, all my dreams will not come true, and the list goes on and on and on and on..................

You ARE My Fucken Friend...

For all of you that get sick of receiving all the cute,sappy friendship stuff...Read on!

Dear Fucker,You are my fucking friend,
And I hope you know that's fucking true.>No matter what the fuck happens,
I will stand the fuck by you.
I will fucking be there for you,Whenever the fuck you need me.
To lend you a fuckin hand,
To do a fuckin good deed.
So just fuckin call on me,
Whenever the fuck you need anything.
Fuck... I will always be there,
Even to the bitter fuckin end.
Forward this promise to all your fuckin friends to show your
fuckin friendship and watch who sends it the fuck back to you...

Fuck it if they don't!

Have a super weekend!!!!!


Tish said...

I absolutely love your Flip Off Friday posts! Great idea!

art said...

fucking ya!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

LOL - sounds like the perfect friend!!
I do not have any, is it because I never passed on those f**kin chain spam letters? (LOL)hummmm

Dumber said...

Well I had to pass this one letter on and low and behold I never knew I had so many friends. It was a kick of a letter. Thanks. come visit our blog


madman said...

I fucking love it!

Long Iron said...

That was fucking great. I'm not sure how many fucking times the word fuck was used in there but it wasn't fucking enough as far as I was fucking concerned. Too funny!

You have a good fucking week end yourself!

Jillian said...

Tish: Thanks, please stop by every Friday for another exciting Flip Off Friday Post!

Art: Thats Fucking right!!.

Suzie: LOL

Dumb/Dumber: Glad I could help ya out!

Madman: I fucking love you!!!

Long Iron: Exactly 16 fuckin times!!

badgerbob said...

After a tough day in the trenches of my own blog, this made me laugh. Thanks.

As always... Rachael said...

My mother is always sensing that crap to me... I should send this one to her!

consise10 said...

Fuking love it ...Fuking will forward it on..fuking good! Fucking spinning in my seat fuking laughing out loud!

Fuking thanks :)

Bud said...

I hate all those fukcing things. People can't write so they send that shit.

Seamus said...

Fuckin' A!!!! Now I'm going to send this to all of 'em :)
Have an excellent weekend Jill!

MonikazMommy said...

Jill, thanks for the fucking laugh..

I am going to pass this one on to the so-called fucking people that are supposed to be my friends and see if they send it back..fuck...prolly not...heh!

Have a great fucking weekend.

I look forward to next fucking Friday...

Hale McKay said...

Fuckin' A. Lol I couldn't help but laugh despite all F bombs.

midwest_hick said...

That may be the 1st chain e mail I

elvira black said...

I agree with Bud--how about a real e-mail instead of those stupid sappy things? They make me wanna retch.