Saturday, October 22, 2005

Corn Maze

Today we took our annual trip to the Corn Maze!! Its always lots of fun. It took us almost an hour to complete the maze. I was pretty sure this year we where going to be stuck in there forever. By the time we finally made it out I had made up my mind that I am going to quit smoking!!I will not forever be attached to my inhaler.(which I left in the car).It damn near killed me and I want to be able to enjoy activities like this for many years to come. The photo above is the actual Corn field. It is put on every year by the local 4-H club. After the corn maze we get our pumpkins that we will carve for Halloween. It took us longer to pick out the perfect pumpkins than to complete the maze.

We always carve one pumpkin for each of us. The third pumpkin is carved in honor of my dear friend CWG who pasted away in 1997.


MamaKBear said...

Oh, what a great way to spend the day! I have always wanted to try a corn maze, but I don't think there are any here in Oklahoma. :(

We are going to get pumpkins tomorrow probably for carving though!

Mike said...

We got those here too. We're scheduled to do one this week. Hope we don't get lost of end up like the kid in the Shinning! Great site!

se7en said...

That looks like fun.. for maybe 5 minutes hehe Unless you're with someone that wants to sneak off for a roll in the corn, ;)


*My_mothers_daughter* said...

Good god and i thought the corn maze i was in was big lol i wanna go to that one i would get lost without a map lol looks like a blast