Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Shopping!!

Its a total pain!! I took today off from work so I could shop all day. It really was not to busy. I'm glad I went on a weekday. I have been shopping all day! But I did pick up some really cute things at Victorias Secret....I got a gift card for my birthday so I treated myself......Even though my birthday is a couple of weeks off. I did get lots of shopping done today, thank God. Every year I tell myself not to wait until the last minute, but I never listen to myself. I did most of my shopping online so I just have a few more things to pick up and Im DONE!!!!! Then I have to wrap it all!!! Christmas is so much work!!

I also just found out I am getting a new grandpuppy, my son has promised no actual grandkids for awhile. So this week my new grandpuppy will fly into the airport, that must be really scary for a pup. He is an English Bulldog, my son has always wanted one so he and his girlfriend gave it to each other as a Christmas gift. I picked him up a book today about the care of this type of dog. I also picked up a copy of Post Secret. Its a blog that is so awesome if you have not checked it out you should. There is a link in my sidebar, head on over and check it out!! So anyway I can't wait to see him and I will post pictures when he gets here.

Hope you all had a great Monday!


Dick said...

Um yeah, that's about a $1500 puppy. No kidding. I'd kill for one, but I'll settle for a Dobie instead.
Christmas shopping.
Real simple, if I can't find it on the net or Wally World, they can pretty much hang it up.

Bud said...

Happy new grandpuppy! Or whatever the appropriate greeting is for that sort of thing. I should look it up. Must be a book on it, right? Hey, you have any time on Dec. 24th in San Fran?

Jillian said...

Dick: AYou have to add in the air fare and the price does go up a bit. I want one also but what I really need is a fence.

Bud: Thanks and I'll email you.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I use to enjoy so much shopping and wrapping...even spending extra time on bows etc. Not anymore! I feel terrible about it too. This year I am just not going to go overboard... just money and gift cards mainly. We walked pass VS yesterday, having a c.card for there is so tempting..I turned to go in and then flipped back...Said to myself..no time today.

The puppy sounds so cool. Your b'day sounds about the same time as my Mom's. Is it in Dec or 1st of Jan.? Mine is the end of Jan. I swear you sound like me BUYING A BOOK!! I did that with Bella on Rotties...when she was a puppy, my Mom would say God forbid if she eats the book! (LOL)

Hope your Monday was good...being that it is Wed already for me to get over here. Sorry!!! Doctor Monday...debates online...Shopping Tues..debates...gosh..super tired now. (smiling)