Sunday, February 06, 2005

What was I thinking??????

Last night we had a bacheloret(sp) party for our Dear friend Bunny, who will tie the knot next weekend. The guys had their party also, but at a different location. The evening started out with the girls meeting at the bar we headed out to the Youth Football Crab Feed....Yummy......The food was great and we had a blast. My sister and I bid and won a date with Shawn the owner of one of our local bars. $110 was cheap for a great looking guy and since my sister and I both have boyfriends we were more than willing to let our Bartender have this little cutie. I did end up with a new scarf and some lovely pom pom's, and later got to do some dirty dancing with said cutie. (Dancing does not equal sex). We had to leave the crab feed and head to our Bar, because the stripper was due to arrive. Upon arriving at the bar, I was approached by a woman who I did not really know, she asked how I was, and being the friendly person that I am and wanting to make my customers happy, I replied I'm great. Then came the bomb, she announced she was my boyfriends exwife....Not really a big deal......But this woman is Bi-polar and crazy as hell. She has managed to tap into my boyfriends checking account and drain him dry. They have been divorced for a year and the women will not leave him alone. So I asked the bouncer to keep an eye on her. All was great until the guys showed up from their party. We danced and had a super time. Realizing I had too much to drink I was ready to go home, told Rod(boy friend) I was ready.......He followed me to get my purse in the office....And here is where the trouble started......To reach our office you have to go behind the bar. Like most bars a portion of it opens and allows you to enter the other side. So off we head I lifted the bar door up thinking that Rod who was right behind me would grab it and follow me, well I guess I was too quick because I got to the office and Rod was not behind me. I was like ok, so I gathered up my things and headed back out to the main bar area, not seeing Rod anywhere I went out side, where I did find him. The first thing I noticed was the big scrape on his nose. I asked what happened to your nose? His reply was the bar hit me. Ok so I have to laugh, after I know he is ok. I guess he was unable to catch the bar with his hand but did manage to catch it with the back of his head, knocking him out and causing him to hit the floor and to some ugly damage to his face. Rod says the worse part was the 21 year old who asked "dude are you ok?" So I took Rod home and cleaned him up and we decided to head back to the bar and dance some more. We had just arrived at the bar and where still outside talking to my sister and her boyfriend, when exwife comes out and says " Rod can I have a smoke?" He said I don't have any her reply was you do too I see them in your hand. Not really a big deal, but considering the past experiences with this women it was enough for me. Like she has not taken enough from him and his children. She pops off with did Rod tell you he called me last night? This pissed me off because he called to ask her to pay him back for the monies she had drained from his checking account in December and to pay her bills. So I 86'ed her out of the bar....That's when all hell broke loose. She was really mad. I am not a violent person but I had had enough of her. She grabbed Rod by the shirt and would not let go so I went after her, but was held back by our bouncer, but my sister and Debbie went to town. Rod lost his shirt in the process and I managed to yell a lot. All in all it was a good night I managed to get out some pent up fustrations.

Guess I never saw that on the Brady Bunch.........

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Jon37 said...

That was episode 90B5. 'Jan gets in a fight.'

Jan is smitten with Todd Henderson, the dreamy football hunk. Unable to get enough money to pay for her ticket to the State campionships she takes a job in bar hoping her tips will be enough. While there Todd's ex, Amanda Catlins (the head cheerleader who kicked Jan off the squad) gets in fight with her. The bar accidentally falls on Jan's nose, breaking it. The damages from the lawsuit are enough for both plastic surgery AND a ticket to state.

The subplot was Bobby got locked in Todd's trunk, and found his special brownies. With hysterial consequenses.

Pictures. we need pictures of the party.