Thursday, February 10, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

I have been way to busy to Blog. Work has been hetic, boy friend trama, and the wedding have all been keeping me away. Got my dress yesterday, thank god it not really ugly, kinda sexy in a sluty way. I'll post pic's after the wedding. oops almost forgot, bi polar exwife is going to the wedding. I can see the headlines now.........Brides maid brawl in Front of Elks even rhymes!!!!!!! I promise to be good and keep Bunny's day a happy one.

Good day all!!!!!

1 comment:

Jon37 said...

Oh yes please. A photo of this slightly slutty sexy dress. Now remember- It's HER day and stay out of it!
If you have to, take the ex- drag her around back and show lithium into her until she agrees ot be nice.