Sunday, February 20, 2005

Doctor's Report

I was in so much pain yesterday. I had Rod take me to the walk in Clinic. The Dr. Ordered x-rays, but before that he decided to give me something for the pain...woo hoo....Morphine is a good high.......turns out I did not break my ribs but have pneumonia, this I tell you truly sucks, I guess I have been working too hard and ignoring the signs that my body was telling me. So this weekend has been rest and relaxing.....thanks to Rod who has cooked and taken care of the kids. Today I feel like crap but I think its more of a drug hangover more than anything. I leave for Vegas tomorrow so I'm going to sleep today and most of tomorrow. I will wake up so atleast I can pack..........

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Jon37 said...

Oof! not fun. And traveling with it as well.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out where in your template to put the code for links and I just was not sure. Without being able ot play with it, it'll be tricky to figure out.