Thursday, February 17, 2005

Screw the Brady Bunch!!!!!

I have decided after much thought that I would rather be The Partridge Family. They got to travel a lot and ride in a cool bus, and sing. I can't carry a tune but I do love to sing. OMG and David Cassidy was sooooooo hot. I'd do him anytime!!!!!!!!!! I know they did not have a Dad, but what the hell Ruben is close enough!!!!!!!!!!! So I running with this one. Woo Hoo.

I really can't wait for Monday....Its Vegas time, and I will not sit in my Hotel room and work I'm getting out and having some wild and crazy fun this time.

Got to get back to work!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a super day!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Jon37 said...

The very first album I ever bought was the Partidge family. (OK, so not cool). But you may have David. Just leave me Susan Dey. PLEASE.

But you need a wise crackign kid like Danny, and a reason to explain away why the youngest son suddely goes from brown to blond hair.