Saturday, February 05, 2005

Happy Birthday

My son when he turned 11.....he is now almost 12 and about as tall as me!!!!!!!! They grow up soooo fast.

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Jon37 said...

Ah Jill, we don;t want to hear about that, we want to hear about amazing studendous sex! and how your life is mirroring the Brady Bunch - even to the point of your son dying his hair bright green (only not by accident). When will you build a room int he attic for the eldest?

I would think, as an accountant, you would realize the odds against you and only play the slots for FUN!

I once asked a pal working in an Atlantic City casino to steer me to the best slot machines. He laughed hyterically in my face as he watches them get emptied all the time and sees just how much money goes to the house...