Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bowling night

Yes I am going to make it bowling tonight, now that the wedding is over I have more time. Except for next tuesday I will be in Las Vegas (again). I leave on Monday for another exciting meeting and will be there all week. I'm going with a lady from work, she is cool and has never been to Vegas . My oldest son is going to tag along so it should be fun. I got tickets for us to see 3 Doors Down at the Palms...I can't wait. I often wonder why we have training seminars in cool places, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego and such places. Like I want to sit inside all day listening to someone talk about accounting. I want to be out having fun and seeing the sights. There are just begging us not to attend the training...what are they thinking. I guess I should not bitch too much I do get to travel alot for my job. But still.............I have been to Vegas many times i usually attend class then head to my room for room service and a good book. Ok so maybe Im boring. Maybe I'm not.

Got to run.......work beckons.....

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