Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend Update!!

Weekends go so fast, I did not get any painting done. But I baked some awesome cookies. I went out Friday night dancing. I love to dance and have not been in ages. I had a blast. It has been along time since I have hit the hot spots out of town. I was glad to get out of this town if just for the night.

Saturday brought a call from an ex boyfriend(from 4 years ago) it was great to chat. We must have talked for 2 hours. We talked about our breakup and neither of us could come up with why it happened. He asked if I had been to our favorite restaurant, which I have not. It was our place, Im silly that way I guess. We always went for drives to find the most out of the way places to eat. He was very close to both of my boys, as a matter of fact my oldest son and his friends still talk about him and tell me I made a huge mistake letting him go. So I guess today Im feeling kinda sentimental, and wishing that things could have been different with him. Who knows maybe this will be a new beginning for us. I know that I miss him and his quirky ways. Maybe nothing will come of it, but I know I will always love him and he will always be one of my true friends.

Sunday is almost over and tomorrow brings a new day.

Hope you all had a super weekend!


Dick said...

Ya know, I just started reading you and I'm jealous. ;)

Bud said...

Okay, glad I found you, again! I think it's a terrific idea to see if there's any gas left in the tank with the ex BF. Starting fresh can be a good thing. Especially since neither of you can remember what it was that broke you apart. I hope we hear moe on this story. Glad you had fun dancing. We're doing swing tonight.

~Deb said...

Hey! That's great that you two are talking again. Are you feeling a bit better about things? Sometimes it takes a bit of a separation to realize what you miss the most.

Hope it all works out!

Jillian said...

Dick: Don't be jealous!!

Bud: We will just have to wait and see!

Deb: Not that one.....the really HOT one from 4 years ago!!!!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

OH I hope this goes where you wish for it fingers are crossed for your happiness.....YOU DESERVE IT....(smiling)