Friday, November 18, 2005


I'm spending my weekend in reflection on my past and returning myself back to the time when I was happy. I seem to have lost my faith and I want it back! I gave up my spirituality and that was so wrong. It is so easy to slip back into your old ways. But having already fought this battle I know in my heart it will not take me long to return to the person God has chosen for me to be. God has put me here for a purpose. I believe! I have faith! I have trust! I am not afraid!

Have a wonderful weekend!


~Deb said...

Have faith--even when you go through terrible circumstances, just keep your faith and look to God. The evil ones will always try to destroy your love and belief for God. Don't let him win.

You're in my thoughts and prayers---you''ll get through this!

Have a great weekend Jill!!!

Karen said...

I love this song, and the lyrics hit a spot with me too. I wish you the best in your reflection. You're strong and yes, there is a purpose. *HUGS*

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

You are so loved....

This post is so touching to me....God Bless you Jill....There is a better plan out there that God has for you....bigger and better than either one of us can imagine. Have faith and believe!!....patience is the hardest part.

Love ya,