Saturday, November 05, 2005

I moved!!

I decided to move my blog because of personal reasons. I just felt that I needed a place to vent about things in my life. It becomes hard to do that when sometimes the people I want to vent about read my blog. Ok so its my fault I gave out my blog address. So I withdrew and it sucked. So it was just easier to move. But it only took that certain person a very short time to find my new site. So I will post whatever I want and if it hurts you, remember you made the choice to come here.

So here we go!!!

I am human, I hurt, I love, and I trust!

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Shannon said...

And for those traits, may you never ever change! Those are the things that make you human and humane. I know that I would never want to call someone a friend who didn't possess them.

Hope that you have the chance to heal by venting how you need to.