Sunday, September 18, 2005

Meditation Retreat

I received an email from an old friend the other day to attend a weekend retreat to study the teaching of Jon Kabat-Zinn, PHD. If you have never meditated and wish to he is the one to study. I have been using his practices since 1998 after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (there is a link to FibroHug in my side bar if want to know what this is) To sum it up it a silent diease that is very painful. Not only did it help me deal with my pain, it helped me find me and I was able to be truly happy with my life. OK back to the email. I at first did not want to attend, but as I took stock of my recent feelings of unhappiness, failed relationships,and my lack of motivation at work. I longed to be back the time when I was truly happy with me and the life I have worked so hard to have. So I decided to attend, and am so thankful I did. The weekend was just what I needed to come back to the place where I was content and happy. It reminded me how easy it is to fall back into the life you no longer wanted and worked so hard to put behind you. For those of you who have never meditated or attened a retreat they go like this. You take only food and comfy clothes. You leave all connections (cellphones, computers) to the outside world at home. You travel to a wonderful relaxing place where nature abounds. One whole day is spent in complete silence and no eye contact from those also attending. It is your time to reflect and meditate alone and as a group.You completely leave all your worries and stress and become one with your mind and body.The second day is reflecting on your feelings and more meditation. It is truly an amazing experience, and one that I have greatly missed, and I am thankful for the chance to return to who I truly am.
Now as I gently fall back into the life I love, I know in my heart I am whole again.


Charlie Mc said...

glad to have you back and whole! ;)

Karen said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm glad you had the opportunity to do that and that you're feeling whole again :-)

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Jill, I am so happy for you!! It sounds like a place I need to go. I did hit that link the other day but did not stay there long enough to really read what apparently I should have.

I have had Fibro as you now know, for over 10 years...and it is awful. It took years to educate my family and friends on just the is difficult for so many to understand..since my car accident in 1997, they say: I now have what they call SECONDARY FIBRO..and it sucks, esp. when you add a ton of other things in the mix.

My meditation usually is in prayer and that helps so much, but when things start getting too overwhelming I can't handle it as it has been lately and apparently it is showing on my blog. I apologize for that.

So happy for you though, just reading your experience was soothing! Appreciate it...all is going to work out fine....Your cheerleader here!! Hugssssss for you!!

Mimi said...

I find meditation to require SO much discipline. I go in cycles of trying to make it part of my daily life and usually fail absymally.

I think I would both love and loathe a retreat such as you described. Although I am sure I would come out of it feeling much as you did....peaceful and whole.