Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Today's post goes out to my Cube-mate, Tina. She has had a couple of rough weeks. Last week her son the Star Quarter Back for our local High school football team, was injured during practice and received a broken hand. The good news is that the injury will only keep him out of the game for three weeks!!!! WooHoo!!!

But, last night she called me with the news that her daughter while at a 4-H meeting was outside and several of the boys where rough housing with her, causing her to fall and break her arm!!!! Boy when it rains it pours!!!!

So just a message to boys and men, Do not wrestle with girls or ladies!!! You are much stronger than us and and your intention may not be to hurt us, but it can happen!!!

My thought are with ya Tina!!!

My thanks go out to a dear blogger friend who directed me
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  • My thoughts are with you to Sam!!!!


    exile said...

    yeah, but girls always try and play rough. it's not fair.

    don't try and wrestle if you can't play.

    (of course, i was beat up by my fair share of girls, so what does that say?)

    Average White Guy said...

    My wife was talking to my son about how girls should be treated equally but different---I think she confused him. I'll have him read your post.

    Karen said...

    Things happen in 3's... let's hope that doesn't apply to this. I wish the two kids a speedy recovery.

    Have a good day! It's almost Friday!

    blue1aqua1 said...

    aww i hope they get well soon.
    happy HNT

    Charlie Mc said...

    i only wrestle girls naked

    Lightning Bug's Butt said...

    Broken hand? That'll cut into his sex life.

    Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

    Sorry for me late getting over here!

    I taught my son the same thing and it seemed it soaked in with his sister.

    Sorry about your friend and her children.

    Yes, I totally admire Sam for posting what she did, I could not have worded it as she did...Great post.

    Take care friend....