Friday, September 23, 2005

Flip Off Friday!! With a Twist!!

My contribution to Flip off Friday!!!! Its not directed at anyone, so please do not take offense. I just thought it was cute! I may have to update, if my car is not out of the body shop today!

The twist about today is that its a Holiday for NO work!!! Woo Hoo a 3 day weekend!!!! Thats right folks its California Indian Day!!!! So Im just going to chill today and rest up for the busy weekend.

Have a super weekend!!!


Average White Guy said...

WOW--I am in a state of envy!

Bill said...

I am jealous! Why didn't I think of getting California Indian Day for a holiday in Illinois...drink a couple for me while I work my double shift!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Hope you have an AWESOME LONG WEEKEND....Hurray for Indian Day!! I have Cherokee in me!! (smiling)

se7en said...

I wanna new holiday too!! Flip off Friday huh? I don't need to wait on Fridays to do my flip offs!! :lol: