Sunday, May 22, 2005

Weekend work!!!!

Shit I worked alllll weekend. I did not get to relax on the beach (like some bums I know) My Oldest son came over Friday night with his girlfriend Ashley.....She's a doll.....Lord we got ripped in my backyard!!!!!! But hey it was fun!!!!! I also won $58 for all my bowling efforts!!! WOO HOO!!!!! I still have a ton of work to do today, because you guess it......IM off on yet another exciting business trip on Monday. Crooked is walking much better and is even taking a trip outside every now and then. Calie my other cat finally brought her 1 surviving kitten in the house.(that's a story for another day) My youngest son is off on a canoe trip, getting prepared for his trip to Canada this July. So I have had some quite time to get my work done.

Well its back to work for me!!!!!!!
Have a great Sunday!!!!


rusty said...

That was quite a nap, you wore me out and I slept goooood! Miss ya sweetheart.

Charlie Mc said...

was that a cheap shot at moi? hahaha :)

Jillian said...

Me????? A cheap shot at you????? Never!!!!!!!