Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Crooked Update!!!!

Looks like Crook is going to make it. The Vet says he is doing better after some B-12, antibiotics and cortisone shots. He is eating great after Leroy (the Vet)told his assistant that Crook has no teeth and can't eat the hard stuff......I thought I might get to bring him home today, but he has to stay one more night. I'm soooooo happy.....I thought I killed the poor creature. Crooked has been with my family for about 10 years. We are not ready to let him go just yet!!!!!!!!!!

Anywhooooooo....its back to work for me........Thank God its almost time to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jon37 said...

I am glad to hear this. People either 'get' how important pets are, or they don't.

Jillian said...

So true Jon....Thanks for your concern!!!!!

Miss_Vicki said...

I definitely get it - I'm so glad to hear he's ok :)