Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Hotels suck!!!!! Ok, when you call to make reservations they always ask "Would you like a Smoking or Non- Smoking room? Smoking please, I say!!!! Then when you check in they give you a Non-smoking room, you ask for a smoking room and they tell you "So sorry we do not have one available!!!!!!! Then why the FUCK did I reserve one in the first place!!!!!!!!!!Why even ask???????? I going to keep a ashtray in my suitcase, because Im going to smoke in my room regardless of if its a Non-smoking room!!!!!

I do have a wireless connection,thank the good Lord. My morning is not complete without coffee, a smoke and my computer.


rusty said...

my morning is not complete until I get to tell you I love you!

Charlie Mc said...

morning isn't complete without rubbing one out. hahahaha