Monday, May 16, 2005

Sometimes It Takes All Ya got!!!!

You have this just love this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I needed to post something to lift my spirits and this photo did it.

I managed to survive Friday the 13th......But Friday the 14th was a day from HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

First off I had a blast from the past that was not fun at all.....Then to top it off I ran over my beloved old cat.....Crooked.......I did not kill him.....which I think is worse than the fact that he is still alive as we speak and on the way to the vet. Crooked is old, he is blind in one eye, he has no teeth, and as well as we can remember he has used up all of his nine lives..........and is working on the 10th.....with some help from me. I have kept him comfortable, by crushing up Vicodan in warm water and using a droper to force it he has been very happy despite the fact .........I RAN OVER HIM......


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Charlie Mc said...

:( Poor Crooked! Hope he recovers!