Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Because it has to be better than Monday!!!!!!
Today is going to be a great day because:
1. No one is going to piss me off.
2. I will be allowed to do my work with no distractions.
3. I will not be asked to fix some ones computer.
4. I will not be asked to fix the copy-fax machine.
5. I will not be asked to do something for someone that they waited until the last minute to get done.

that's my top 5 for today.

A girl can dream!!!!!!!!!!


Charlie Mc said...

how many of the 5 came true?

Jillian said...

First off someone did piss me off!!! But other than that...It was a good day!!!!!!

madman said...

Question--Did you let them know you were pissed?

Jillian said...

Actually I did not, because it really was a suprise to me. You could say I was rather shocked.