Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday Morning!!!!

I have so much to do today...if I only had the enegry!!!! Im tired....the closet is clean. So Im happy for that. My son leaves for camp on Sunday, so we will get him packed today. I have bookwork to do, but it can wait. Im just going to sit here and enjoy my coffee and relax. I have managed to catch one of those great summer colds from sitting in that meeting for 3 days, where after lunch they felt the need to crank up the A/C, I about froze to death. I know they do it to keep you awake.....but get real......So give us a freaking cold instead....I would have rather fallen asleep.

I was truley saddened by
  • This
  • news. No one thought to look in the freaking trunk!!!!!! These 3 boys are dead. They where right in the Fucking yard!!!!!!! If my child was missing I would search every Fucking nook and crany for them!!!!!!!! I just can't believe it, it really pisses me off!!!!!!!! The police say they searched the what the fuck....they did not think to look in the trunk???!!!!!!And why the hell was is so important for the Uncle of one of the boys to find his jumper cables???!!!! It just makes no sence to me at all.

    So much for relaxing!!!!!


    Beelzebabe said...

    WHY they didn't search the trunk of that car is beyond me. I know Camden is a loud city with sirens going off all the time, but couldn't someone hear these kids? How did they get in the trunk in the first place?! And why? There's something in this story that doesnt feel quite right.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Just thought I'd check your's out too! :-)

    madman said...

    My wife and I both have expressed disbelieve in the circumstances surrounding the search for these children. How can the police say they searched a car if the trunk was never opened? The official line says accident--I say it was at best negligence, and at worst someone needs to investigate foul play.

    BipolarPrincess said...

    They had to have been thrown in there!!!