Sunday, August 28, 2005

Weekend Update

Friday evening I took my son to the 49er game. I really hate driving in all that traffic, but the tickets where free so off we went. Driving in that kind of traffic really makes me thankful for the small town I live in. My commute to work takes 30 minutes and is a strait shot on I5. I do not think I could live in a large city where the drive to work that should takes 30 minutes takes an hour or longer. Sitting in traffic is a terrible waste of time, but for the enjoyment of my son I would have to bear it. We left our comfy little town at 3pm and headed to San Francisco. Somewhere about Vallejo traffic came to a screeching halt, unfortunately the car behind me did not and BAM...I had been rear ended!!!!! So we exchanged info inspected the damage and off we went. After we got off the Bay Bridge I took the wrong off ramp so my son got the senic route by 3Com park. When we finally arrived at Monster Park we circled the stadium once because we missed all 4 of the parking entrances....Go figure!!!!! But at least we where there. My son was very excited to get in so off we went I was trying to write down what parking we where in but some where along the line I lost my pen so I used my Lip Linner!! The game was great!!! The Niners won..WOO HOO!!!! But I about froze my ass off!! We had great seats the Niners locker room was under our seating area so when they came on and off the field we got to see them close up and personal. We also had prime seating to see the cheerleaders. Im sure my 12 year old son was happy about this but everytime I mentioned it he just said " Oh Mom" Those girls stand out there half naked!!! I don't know how they do it I had jeans a sweater and a coat on and I was still freezing!!!! We decide to leave in the middle of the 4th quarter to bet the traffice rush...and would ya know it we can't find the car!!!!!! After wandering around for about 20 or 30 minutes....Amen...there is our car!!!!! The ride home was much better no fender benders, no wrong turns, just one hot and I mean very hot cup of coffee spilled in my lap!!!!!!!!! At least it woke me up so I could get us home. I did not do much yesterday but start my never ending laundry task and have a well deserved nap so today I must get some work done for the bar because it is the end of the month again!!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!!!


As always... Rachael said...

I miss the city... when you're local, you know the backway to get everywhere, and don't have to deal with traffic jams (and traffic jams are a great excuse for being late to work!)

Glad you guys had fun!

Niccio Dartsmouth said...

i don't miss the city at all. but then again, i lived in a high gang/crime area. as for the 49rs game.. i am not a major sports hound.

Anyways, Jill you gotta put your pin in the map on my blog!

blue1aqua1 said...

i did have a great weekend thank you :)

TheSugarV said...

Friggin traffic. I am always stuck in it here on long island. I know how you feel.

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