Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Is it Friday yet?!!!

I was so ready to quit my job today....That's right I was ready to walk out the door!!!!!!The auditors are back and that's going well...Its just the other childish shit Im so tired of. I did manage to calm down and worked late and will work my ass off again tomorrow. Tina is doing her best to cheer me up. Image hosted by

Ok Elmo helped a little bit!!!!

Hope your week is going better!!


BipolarPrincess said...

Loved the Elmo!!!

blue1aqua1 said...

elmo is back i gotta love him.
i sooo sooo know what u mean, i almost did yesterday too. and i would have if i had another job line up but i dont so i didnt.
its a sad week

Niccio Dartsmouth said...

lol.. elmo..

well i am glad you did not walk out. as a staffing manager, i know how bad it looks on a app/res when you do :) good luck :)

Charlie Mc said...

wow, this must be pissed off at work week, I packed up all my shit from my office (which was a truckload) and brought it all home yesterday. My office looks like an empty shell.....I am walking out very soon