Friday, July 08, 2005

Vacation Continued!!

Today we head off shoping for the final items for my son's trip to Canada. We had a last minute scare and thought he might not be able to go. It seems that you need both biological parents to sign a permission form for a child to cross the US canada boarder. Well my son's father is no where to be found and has been absent from my sons life since he was 18 months old. (he is now 12). We have managed to find a loop hole that will allow my son to go. The whole thing really pisses me off. He have not seen him for over 11 years and I have raised him on my own and I have to have his permission!!!!! I say fuck that!!!!!

Anywhoooo!!! Have a super day!!!! I'm going shoping!!!!!!!!!


fsgsf said...

Cool Blog you have! I like your BITCH abbreviation thingie!

Enjoy shopping!

Niccio Dartsmouth said...

just what i would want to hear.. "we will need your ex wifes permission for your daughter to come into our country!" at which point i would gladly start in singing South Park's "blame Canada!" and protesting in front of their border!

Kajay said...

OMG. That is bullshit!!!
BTW I like your blog!

blue1aqua1 said...

im glad u found a loop hole! be safe on your travels and wish your son well for me :)