Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Should have stayed in bed!!!!

But nooooooo. I get up get ready for work still feeling like my head is going to explode any minute, But work I must!!!! I head off to work and actually arrive early and dive right in, as Im reaching for a rather large file I some how manage to pull a muscle in my hip, leg area!!! Like I was not in enough pain already. So I limp in and get some coffee, the nectar of the Gods will make anything better. So back in my chair I sit. My cube mate Tina comes in and we are discussing things that need to be done. I reach over to help her find something and fall right out of my chair, spilling my full cup of coffee all over my desk! So we clean up the mess and salvage the paperwork. I get new coffee and decide to have a smoke break(yep Im a smoker, only to get outside and find my lighter has broken! So I limp back in and get a new one! After my smoke break I feel a little better, but I need more coffee mine has gotten cold so I limp back to the coffee pot and some how manage to spill what is left in my cup all over the front of me. So fuck it!!! I give up!!! I will keep you posted on the rest of my day, it can't get any worse!!! Can it?!


blue1aqua1 said...

oh no u need to either go back to bed or some how start the day all over on the right side. cheer up the day is half way over for ya ;)

madman said...

DAMN--when my wife is in this kind of mood--I just leave her alone. Bye!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Wow! Jill I need to read your blog, not sure what happened to you. What ever it was, I FEEL for you. It is terrible to be in pain, I know way too well.

Hoping the rest of YOUR day is full of happiness and sunshine! You are very sweet and thank you bunches for visiting me. I will be back.

Take care of yourself...Sending many smiles your way!! Appreciate your comment on my site! (smiling)

fsgsf said...

Poor baby!! You are just having one of those days that we all get every now and then!!!! Breathe in, Breathe out..everything will work out...it always does!!

NJ from NJ

Lee said...

HI- just popped in - bad days- yuch! The best thing about them is they can only last 24 hours- and then a new [and hopefully] better one starts! I hope you wake up tomorrow with better luck- take care, priorities/Lee PS I will come back and read your blog- one day soon.