Monday, February 06, 2006


Yes I do read my Horoscope everyday: Below was mine from yesterday!

What's absolutely necessary to your life and happiness? You might be surprised at what makes the list and what doesn't. (Hint: Fancy cars that go very fast are, surprisingly, not on there.) It's time to pare down.

I actually have been thinking about trading in my car for a nice family sedan. Its just me and my youngest son. So I though it was funny that it was in my Horoscope. So I put some more thought into it and decided:

FUCK IT!!! Its my mid life crisis. I'm keeping it!!!!

Have a super Monday!!!


Dick said...

Yep, no rules that say when you have to get old.
That choice is up to you.

Bud said...

Hell, ya, keep THOSE wheels!

Karen said...

I say go for it!!!!!!! :-D

Seamus said...

Mid-life crisis is the BEST excuse for doing whatever the fuck you want...and get away with it! ;)

truckdriver_sefl said...

You go girl! I bought my wife a candy apple red sports car a couple years ago and hell no she would never dream of trading it:-}

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Mid life crisis...(oh wow) I'm with ya!! (smiling) Lately I have said the same thing Fuck it...I'm going to do whatever I want to no matter if others like it or not.

I have a 500 series BMW, that sits in the driveway....I refuse to put the premium unlead it requires in the I allow the battery to stay dead...My daughter takes me in her Honda where I need to go...which is not many places anymore. I hardly ever leave the house.

I don't blame do whatever it is that makes YOU feel better. Talking of horoscopes...You are a Capicorn like my an Aquarius. (smiling)