Saturday, January 15, 2005

If its not one thing its your Mother

Ok so tonight I'm going to ramble about my mother in a round about sort of way, I can't sleep because the Dr. Put me on a abuthrol(not sure I spelled that right just to lazy to actually get up and find it) inhaler and the shit really wires me. I'd never make a good speed freak. I just hate the way it makes me feel. Went out last night with my new guy friend we had a few drinks and a nice dinner. We stayed at his house...... I had to leave to get some work done, I was headed home and saw my mother driving by my house.....I was like thank god I missed her. So I'm at home and check my email and stuff like that and decided to take a shower. My Saturday showers are a real treat for me cause I don't have to hurry and rush off to work. So I just get my hair shampo'ed and I hear my door bell ring...Thinking I locked the door....No big deal.......Right.....Not in my family....For some odd reason my family feels like we all need a key to each others house.......Bizarre I know but hey its a family thing for us. I have been trying to break my family of just entering my home at their leisure. I will again remind you that I am 41 years old with 2 kids my oldest is 21 and out on his own my youngest is 11, I have a successful career, and a business, I own my own home, and live a nice private life. So back to the shower....Shampoo is almost out of my hair and I realize someone is in my house.....At first I kinda scared....Then I hear my Mothers voice......I'm like yelling I'm in the shower....kinda busy.......she says did you just get in......Yes I say........She says I'll wait for you to get out.......Great I think......So much for my nice long shower....I start to hurry and then say to myself screw it.....She just walked in she can wait. So I get out of the shower and then I have to sit and listen to her for almost an hour bitch about shit I have no interest in at all. I really do not care how much cat hair and dust bunnies get under her stairs everyday. All I can think about is getting dressed and back over the Rod's house so we can have some more great sex...... But she is my mom. Then I show her a picture of my brother, sister and me taken at a friends Christmas party. She says we all look fat......And I'm in no way fat (5'4" 115lbs) but whatever I take the hit. I said the party was fun. Her comment to me was must be nice, I reminded her she was invited also.......But can't seem to remember that. I then reminded her again she was also invited to our New Years Eve dinner (which just happens to be my birthday) again she says she was not invited to this event either....So again I have to remind her she was. Then she begins to argue with me about it. I just feel like screaming.......Get a life........Get a PDA to remember what you are invited to. I seriously think she needs to get laid.

So now she wants help to purchase a computer......Great something I will have to help her maintain on a daiy basis. Don't get me wrong I really love my mom, but enough is enough.

Well I suppose I have rambled enough tonight...............


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