Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Life is just that way!

I have been so busy. I just have not had the time to blog or even have a moments rest. So tonight I'm resting. Until American Idol comes on! Yes I'm hooked...Thanks Tina!!! Spring has arrived and brought many changes. I just wish the weather would clear up so I could get some yard work done. I have been shopping for a new roof, and hope it will be up or should I say on soon. Then I am putting in a new fence!! I can't wait. My dog is going to love it!!

Work has been ok...Its travel time, which sometimes can be fun and sometimes a pain. This month both of my trips have been ones I can drive to. That makes it so much easier, unless its snowing!

My youngest son turned 13!!! He is a teenager now! What the hell am I gonna do?!!!! I suppose I made it 13 years rasing him alone I have to just keep on keeping on!

Hope all has been well with you.

I'm still hanging in there!!!

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madman said...

A teenage son--it won't be long before he is asking for the keys! Good luck with that fence.