Tuesday, March 28, 2006


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I have the flu and it sucks! My whole body hurts and I think I my die soon..........I have not been able to eat since Sunday night. I'm getting lots of rest and drinking fluids and they are finally staying down, so I must be getting better. I sure don't feel better.

Hope you all are having a better week than me!!


Bud said...

Jill, that really does suck. I'm talking to a lot of people who are sick lately. Must be the change of seasons thing. Get well, sweety.

Dick said...

Nothing quite like that runover feeling the flu will whip your ass with.
Feel better soon girl!

MamaKBear said...

Awwww, sweetie! Feel better soon!!

Karen said...

Rotten flu!!! Feel better soon *hugs*

truckdriver_sefl said...

Damn sugar hope you feel better soon:-}

~Deb said...

Lots and lots of water...soups (sodium is a natural antibiotic) and gatorade...it helps with dehydration.

I hope you feel better!!!!