Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I'm reposting this one because I think all you ladies deserve a second chance at this great guy!!!!!!!!

Look Ladies link will take you to the most awesome man in the world. You may ask how I know this or why if he is so great, I did not snatch him up???? Well for starters he is my best friend, I love this man for all that he is. We have seen great times together and some bad ones. He has always been there for me, and I for him. What I truly want for him is to be happy, to find that one woman who understands him, and is real. We live in a small town where its common practice for your partner to cheat every now and then...........Yep only in our small town........Its crazy but true. So check him out ladies he will not disappoint you. His pictures are real just ignore the one where he looks like Buzz Light Year........I give him crap all the time about that one. This man will treat you like a queen and make a great partner for that special lady.Feel free to post comments and I will fill ya in as best as I can.

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Charlie Mc said...

any nice single FEMALE friends? The NY ladies are all INSANE! :)