Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bowling update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK So last night was bowling night and I have to say I really burned up the lanes last night!!!!!!! I bowled a high series. I was on fire, I did have a tad bit to much beer, maybe thats what helped my game. I only have a small hangover today, so I'm pretty sure I will survive. I have decided that I have to many binder full of crap in my office so I'm cleaning out all the shit I don't need and I happened to find some damn reports we have been looking for............shit shit.......I would much rather be outside the weather has turned beautiful and spring has arrived!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo my favortie time of year.....Its not to hot or too cold..............the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing!!!!!!!!! Ok so I really don't give a rats ass about that right now Im just trying to sound cheerful......Is it working?????????? Hey I can't always be fucking Mary Poppins!!!!!!!!!!!!

So have a great day!!!!!!!!!

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