Monday, March 14, 2005

Beer & Bowling

I had to bowl yesterday because we had a Tourney......woo hoo......Normally I bowl on Tuesday's so I do not drink, because I have to work the next day, and we bowl from 7pm to 9:30pm so I get to bed late. Well yesterday being Sunday and only 1pm I thought what the hell and had a few...........My first game was great, then it just went to shit..........So I have determined that Bowling & Beer to not mix for my. On the other had my son who had 2 beer's to my 1 bowled better the more he drank. Maybe I'm just a light weight??????? I must be besacuse today I feel like crap..Hangovers suck big time. So I'm here at work not really doing much, because my brain decided to stay home.....Its amazing I can even type this post.

I hope ya all have a super Monday.....Because mine sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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