Saturday, December 02, 2006


I have spent my morning updating my Blog roll. I have been gone for some time and it seems that some people have moved or just vanished! I hope you will all visit Hope for Taylor and send her and the family prayers or if your not into prayers just some good old fashioned thoughts!

I had a weird thought this morning. How is it that you can be sober in a room full of drunk people and they slur their words so bad you can hardly understand them, but if your in the same room and drunk like the others you can understand every word they say???!!!

So what to you think the reason for this is? Is it some kind of special language that only drunk people can understand?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one!

Penny has no thoughts on this one, but I'm sure she would love to hear you thoughts on her new Polo shirt!

Have a super weekend!


Seamus said...

Perhaps drunks have selective hearing with an imbeded slur filter...hmmm...seems I read that on a bottle label once...might have been Dr. Proc's Snake Oil. ;)

lecram sinun said...

Penny's new polo shirt is hawt! lol!

Drunks in a room do become bi-lingual... with the primary language being Boozlish.

se7en said...

You're not really understanding it, you just think you do :)

Bud said...

I don't know how that drunk talk thing works. Haven't been drunk since around 1967. Cute Doggy you have there.